Our Brands


Samaref innovates and offers cutting edge technical solutions in order to meet the professional needs and to forecast the food sector trends. Passion, research, experience in refrigeration, entirely made in Italy design and production, make Samaref a reliable company that puts the customer first and that stands out in the professional refrigeration market. All stages of production, from design to final testing, are managed in house, with direct quality control over the entire process.

Samaref provides a wide range of professional equipment such as, Refrigerated Cabinets, Counters and Table, Blast Chillers, Freezers, Retarder Proofer, Dry-Aging Meat & Seasoning Cabinets, suitable for the conservation and storage of different food products meeting the demand of those who operate in the following fields:

  • Catering
  • Restaurants, Pizzeria, Cafés
  • Pastry and Bakery
  • Ice Cream

Each field has its challenges to assume excellence in performance. Samaref’s Research & Development, Design, Productions, and Marketing teams are continuously working as an integral group and collaborating with Chefs and Industry Professionals to identify all details that matter and integrate right corresponding features for each model conceived for the desired application.

Proudly manufactured in Fabriano, Italy, to the world!