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PXE 100 Series

Product Features

High Volume
With an industry-leading 24-pound/8-head capacity

Smaller Fry Pot
Cooks with 25% less oil per pound of food

Automatic Filtration
Drains and filters oil, jet-rinses pot after every load

Easy to Clean
With rounded corners, seamless uncluttered deck for quick wipe down

Next Gen Control
With touch/tap control with large display and up to 160 cook programs

Automatic Top Off
Monitors oil level and replenishes from on-board reservoir

Plug-n-Play Drain Pan
That’s easy to handle on casters, with quick-release connection

Additional Information

  • Cooks 8-head chicken in 25% less oil than other high-volume fryers
  • Replenishes oil automatically from onboard reservoir—no manual add-backs, fewer disposals
  • Filters automatically after every cook cycle, oil jets rinse pot
  • Automatic pressure lock, lock status monitored
  • Touch/tap controls up to 160 cook programs, pressure lock status, suite of frying and cook management features, USB port
  • Patented counter-balanced lid lift system easy enough to raise and lower with one hand
  • High-efficiency heating for fast recovery
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel fry pot with 7-year warranty
  • Seamless deck with rounded corners, recessed pressure dead-weight
  • Lower deck for easier racking

PXE 100  Pressure fryer

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