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PFE 500 Series

Product Features

Lock Lid and Seal
With a patented lid lock and color-coded spindle making it easy to operate fryer safely.

Faster Cooking
Frying under pressure seals in flavor, reduces cook time and temperature.

Pressure Assist
To cook smaller batches on demand with the same quality and consistency.

With Computron 8000 featuring full programming and oil management features

Energy Efficient
With heating elements producing fast recovery

Built-in Filtration
For fast, convenient filtering improving productivity and extending oil life

Additional Information

  • Color-keyed locking spindle engages pressure seal
  • Lid stays sealed until pressure reaches 1 psi
  • Electric: high-efficiency heating elements
  • Gas: high-efficiency burners, solid-state ignition
  • Onboard filtration
  • Choice of simple or feature-rich computer control
  • Fully insulated, heavy-duty stainless steel fry pot with a 7-year warranty
  • Rectangular fry pot design promotes turbulence
  • Narrow footprint saves wall space
  • 6-head version available in electric, same platform and footprint
  • Pressure Assist option available for small product loads. (Only in non-CE countries, and not available on PFE651 fryers)

PFE 500  Electric
PFG 600  Gas
PFE 561  Electric

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