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OFE Series

Product Features

Stainless Steel Construction
For easy cleaning and a long life

Built-In or Optional Filtration System
For consistently fresh tasting food

Hinged Elements
For easy vat cleaning

Computer Controls
For ease of use and navigation simplicit

Additional Information

GVE Series

  • Cooks the same size load in 27% less oil than standard 25 L vat
  • Built-in manual filtration that filters vats individually as needed and rinse-wave action that drains crumbs
  • High-limit temperature protection
  • Computer control with 30 available cooking programs
  • 1-year warranty, parts and labor

OFE 140 Series

  • Cold zone below heating elements helps extend oil life
  • Computron™ 1500 programmable control with time/temp display and simple UP/DOWN arrows
  • Optional filtration
  • 4 heavy-duty casters, 2 locking
  • 1-year warranty, parts and labor

GVE 071 1-well electric
GVE 072 2-well electric
GVE 073 3-well electric
GVE 074 4-well electric
OFE 141 1-well electric
OFE 141 1-well electric built-in filtration
OFE 142 2-well electric
OFE 142 2-well electric built-in filtration

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