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* Stainless steel top.
* Joint bar for easy attachment with other appliances
* 2 different installation options; fixed on closed, fixed on suspended systems.
* Special designed gap behind the equipment for gas,electrical and water installation materials.
* Joining system gives posibillity to modify or substitute the appliances even long after they have been installed.
* All major components are located at the front for easy maintenance.
* All stainless steel construction designed to avoid any infiltration.
* Top, sides, back, front panels and control consoles in stainless steel with satin scotchbrite finish.
* Top modules are equipped with 20 mm adjustable feet.
* Keeps cooked food at serving temperatures by using hot water.
* Manuel water refilling.
* Robust front mounted tap for easy drainage.
* Thermostatic regulation of water up to maximum of 90 °C.
* Seamless welded stainless steel well, capacity of 4 GN 1/3 containers 150 mm deep

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