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340 Series

Product Features

Auto Lift
That automatically lowers basket to begin cook cycle, raises basket to end (non-auto lift models available)

Large Frying Surface
With a shallower vat that maximizes surface area for more consistent results with items that float

With a Computron 8000 programmable control set (Computron 1000 available for non-auto lift models)

Fast Recovery
With high-efficiency heating elements

Cold Zone
Helps extend oil life when frying freshly breaded foods

Built In Filtration
For faster filtering and improved productivity

Additional Information

  • Wider, shallower vat with oil displacement ramp
  • Electric or gas with high-efficiency burners, solid-state ignition
  • Cold zone below heating elements helps extend oil life.
  • Programmable controls, full suite of energy and oil management features
  • Onboard filtration, over-the-top oil return flushes remnants
  • High-limit temperature protection
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel vats with 7-year warranty
  • Single or twin full vats
  • Auto-lift available

OFE 341  1-well electric
OFE 342  2-well electric
OFG 341  1-well gas
OFG 342  2-well gas

Auto Lift –
OEA 341  1-well electric
OEA 342  2-well electric
OGA 341  1-well gas
OGA 342  2-well gas

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