Our Brands


Ambrogio Sanelli is a professional chef knife manufacture since 1864, base in Premana (Italy), in the Italian Alps.

Still nowadays, with the fifth generation, this passionate family experience goes on to even better pursue the main goal: manufacture reliable and high quality knives. Quality that is not born by chance, but has grown over the years with commitment, effort and time.


Manufacturing of Ambrogio Sanelli knives is a perfect combination of handcrafting tradition and technology innovation. These values come together in Premana facility, where we completely manufacture our products. The long-time experience of our craftsmen is combined with the latest technologies to pursue efficient processes and high quality standards. The extreme attention adopted production-wide reflects in our products and it is a clear expression of our values and identity.


Most of the blades of Ambrogio Sanelli professional knives are produced with special Nitrogen stainless steel NITRO-B, made in Germany. Detailed percentages of Nitrogen, Carbon, Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium grant high hardening, optimal cutting power, long lasting edge and excellent resistance to corrosion.


Passion is a key-driver for Ambrogio Sanelli, and it’s reflected into high quality products, result of continuos in-process control and of an intense R&D professional activity. Sharplab is our department with specific tooling and test equipment dealing with this: make Ambrogio Sanelli products the best.