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LA SPAZIALE is a family company, founded in 1969, that produces professional coffee machines. Thanks to its passion, handed down to the new generations, LA SPAZIALE has established itself as one of the world's leading companies in its field. LA SPAZIALE is in fact synonymous with quality, innovation and technology; it is a symbol of a made in Italy that has evolved over the years by adapting to the competitive international market. All products are designed and manufactured in Italy and distributed all over the world.

In addition to the historic Headquarter in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), the company has two other plants in Jesolo (Venice) for a total of 8,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 18,000 machines. There is also a third factory in Jesolo, that is entirely dedicated to after sale service to ensure a well-established and capillary presence on the local market.

LA SPAZIALE has three commercial branches, one in the United States, one in Brazil and one in Romania, which are essential for the international expansion of the company and for the rooting of the brand.

In total, LA SPAZIALE has more than 160 employees worldwide and over 150 distributors.

The structured and well-coordinated sales network, in Italy and abroad, is certainly one of the strengths of the company.

The company’ success is based also on the high-quality level of its machines. The challenge is to constantly invest in research and development, to offer to the market modern, highly performing and reliable coffee machines. Thanks to its extreme production flexibility, LA SPAZIALE is able to adapt easily to the most demanding requests of its partners.

LA SPAZIALE offers a wide range of solutions to satisfy all customer needs, from small to large roasters, from consumers of portioned coffee to lovers of modern machines with advanced electronics. Research and innovation have always been part of the company's DNA. Since 1969, all models of LA SPAZIALE coffee machines are equipped with a unique heat exchange system
between the boiler and the coffee delivery group with steam circulation instead of water. This system, patented and unique in the world, ensures maximum efficiency and consistency in terms of temperature and a significant reduction of limescale deposits, as well as significant energy saving.

We have a wide range of models available: S1, S15 and VITTORIA lines for smaller volume and also for portioned coffee and S2 as our entry level line. As for middle range, you can choose between the well-known S5 and the most modern and recent S8_S9 DSP both with electronic temperature control. To complete the offer, LA SPAZIALE has also top-level  solutions: avant-garde electronics for both S40 versions, SELETRON and SUPREMA and for
the new top of the range S50, created on the occasion of 50th anniversary.
The S50 model is a new industrial jewel, that marks a further step forward in the LA SPAZIALE search for perfection. With its large interactive graphic displays, extreme flexibility and accuracy in the coffee extraction control and profiling, this new machine optimises energy efficiency and can be considered really unique in its segment.

Another fundamental aspect of the company philosophy is represented by the training services offered as added value on the product. The company has three dedicated service centres, in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), Milan and Jesolo, to ensure a complete assistance to its partners, both technicians and barmen.

In fact, LA SPAZIALE has always accompanied its customers in all phases, from order to installation and to after sale service, providing constant technical support, directly or through specially trained qualified staff.
Finally, as an ambassador of Italian espresso, the company also offers ad hoc training courses to barmen, to transmit all the passion of the coffee ritual.

Thanks to the recurrent launch of new products, the wide range of models and the services offered, LA SPAZIALE continues to be an active player in our industry, with the main goal for over 50 years ... that of contributing to the preparation of a perfect Italian espresso, anywhere around the world.